Specifická maturitní témata z ANJ

Specifická maturitní témata z anglického jazyka

v jarním zkušebním období školního roku 2019/2020

pro 3. část ústní zkoušky před zkušební komisí

41 – 41 – M/01 Agropodnikání

43 – 41 – M/01 Veterinářství

  1. Personal characteristic (description of a well-known literary character)
  2. My reading – English speaking countries (British and American literature)
  3. My town and region or Lanškroun and its surroundings
  4. Housing and living in the Czech Republic and English speaking countries
  5. My pets, taking care of animals and animal diseases
  6. Educational system in our country
  7. Sports in our country
  8. The USA
  9. Free time, entertainment and culture life
  10. Canada
  11. Australia and New Zealand
  12. Holidays, festivals and customs in English speaking countries
  13. The United Kingdom
  14. Food, healthy lifestyle and gastronomy in the Czech Republic and English speaking countries
  15. Nature, climate and animals in four seasons
  16. Services, shopping and lifestyle
  17. Science and technology
  18. Means of communication and mass media
  19. Environment (global problems, renewable energy sources)
  20. Health and diseases
  21. Travelling and means of transport
  22. The Czech Republic and Prague
  23. William Shakespeare
  24. Czech customs and traditions
  25. Our school and school farm
  26. Jobs and occupation (business letters, CVs)

30. září 2019