Lanškroun Secondary Agricultural and Veterinary School

The city of Lanškroun and the surrounding areas have a rich and fascinating history rooted in agriculture and farming as far back as the second half of the 13th century. And the Lanškroun Agriculture and Veterinary Secondary School (SZeŠ Lanškroun), located in East Bohemia in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic, dates back to 1945 with the establishment of the secondary agriculture school. However, since then, it has undergone many transformations, and it wasn’t until later on that this school acquired an expansive school estate for practical lessons and farming, evidenced today in the school’s contemporary, modern classrooms and vocational school facilities. A major part of the school’s facilities includes a school farm with both a cattle and a horse breeding program, which serves as a live classroom for teaching with hands-on learning experiences.

For nearly 70 years now, SzeŠ Lanškroun has trained more than 4,000 graduates who have found employment mainly in the agricultural industry, production and services. However, some graduates have also pursued other fields, such as education, government, research, the service industry, and cultural studies. In recent years, many of our graduates have been able to thrive abroad, especially in the field of sport horse breeding. Furthermore, hardly any agricultural school is able to boast about such accomplished alumni as the Deputy Prime Minister, a World Cyclocross Champion, or even a National Theater Opera Singer, as SZeŠ Lanškroun is.

This school, originally of regional importance, has become a nationwide institution thanks to its focus on horse breeding and stands apart from other agriculture and veterinary schools in the Czech Republic.

Currently, we teach two disciplines – Agribusiness and Veterinary Science.

Our school has also sought to cultivate a healthy and productive environment for living and studying, including comfortable accommodation, a cafeteria that is available for 3 meals a day, and leisure time and extracurricular activities outside of school. We own a hotel-type dormitory for student accommodation with a capacity of 200 residents, a dining hall, practicum and vocational facilities, and a sports complex and gymnasium. Other state of the art school facilities available on our school farm include a newly built veterinary center and a school dairy. We cooperate with agricultural programs and businesses, researchers, and universities to create valuable partnerships for students when they enter the work force or university after graduation. We have also acquired the status of a CULS Prague training school and have a certificate from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic for education. Finally, last but not least, we organize specific courses for farming and farmers. We are one of the founding members of the non-profit educational institution Agrovenkov.

In recent years, we have continued to grow and improve our school development through active cooperation with schools in Italy, Portugal, Norway, France, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Georgia and Slovakia. And through these esteemed partnerships, we have also been able to share our own successes and strengths with the international community.

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